Public Safety

Securely deliver high-quality live video from anywhere

From first responders to border protection, LiveU’s solutions allow you to scale up your situational awareness by adding broadcast-grade live video to your human- and AI-based operations.

Reliable Video from ANYWHERE

Designed for mobile use, LiveU’s portable and light-weight solutions allow public safety organizations to gain real-time location-independent connectivity. Leveraging our unique IP bonding technology, you will be able to reliably transmit live video from any location on the ground, water, or in the air – back to your command centers.

Operate fully independently with tailor-made OPS

Operate fully independently with tailor-made OPS

Our On Premise Software (OPS) offerings guarantee that you are in full control of your video feeds at all times. LiveU’s video transmission solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows, allowing you to manage all videos within your organization. Customized encryption options are also available upon request.

  • Share your live feeds with other agencies

    Expand your reach within seconds! LiveU Matrix allows you to cost-effectively share your live content with other agencies and local, national, and global news organizations.

  • Real-time info available at a glance

    Let your chief officers base their decisions on multi-angle live feeds from the field, by observing the course of events back in the command center or in the field. With sub-second delay, all live video feeds can be viewed on LiveU Central unified management platform.

Gain Remote Control

Gain Remote Control

LiveU’s IP Pipe lets you remotely control your IP-based field equipment like PTZ and surveillance cameras, so you are in full control of the situation with improved real-time situational awareness.

Robust Internet Connectivity in the Field Robust Internet Connectivity in the Field

Robust Internet Connectivity in the Field

Connect your commanders and field teams with robust mobile data. LiveU DataBridge equips your command and control vehicles and other onsite teams with high and reliable bandwidth for general mobile internet connectivity. This ensures reliable data communication at a fraction of the cost/complexity of similar satellite-based solutions.

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Hear from our customers

“Nothing has been as successful as putting a LiveU into operation. Instead of communicating in silos, our teams can get live briefings instantly and be able to go to work right away.”

Captain Mike Flynn, LAFD Fire Communications Dispatch Section.

Captain Mike Flynn, LAFD Fire Communications Dispatch Section.

”The signal from the drone and LiveU unit is received in our control room by a LiveU server and then it’s fed into an IP distribution system. This means commanders, wherever they are, can see the footage, helping the accuracy and timing of our responses.”

Thomas Gee, PC and drone operator with Derbyshire Constabulary

“The humanitarian firemen of the French Catastrophe Rescue Group (G.S.C.F.) have been working for more than a year with a LiveU unit to get video feedback from drones, either on Firefighters command centers or during emergency or development missions abroad. The LiveU unit fully satisfies our needs.”

Thierry Velu, President and Founder of GSCF

Who’s Using LiveU

LiveU’s field-proven transmission technology is trusted by public safety organizations and first responders of all types and sizes

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fire departments

  • Military

  • Paramedics

  • Surveillance

  • Aid organizations

Flexible business models

LiveU offers a wide range of business models to fit your production needs – we are happy to discuss your specific needs and come up with the most cost-effective solution.

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