Papal Visit Peru Highlights

18 LiveU teams simultaneously broadcast the Pope’s journey to the Last Nunciature

The recent visit of Pope Francis to Peru tests once again the impeccable logistics prepared by the technical teams of LiveU and Divicam, it’s also the representative of our brand in this country of Western Latin America, to keep the Peruvian community updated on a minute-by-minute all over the world.

From January 17 to January 22, LiveU and Divicam moved to the cities of Puerto Maldonado, Trujillo, and Lima to support the requirements of customers from TV Peru, Canal N América TV, and LATINA TV, who entrusted their expectations to the transmission challenge.

Freddy Pinzón, Professional Services Engineer LatAm of LiveU, moved to Peru with his team to provide the technical support and experience necessary to ensure that the transmissions were carried out smoothly and with the best video quality “Since our arrival in Peru we are dedicated to reviewing the itineraries of the Mobile Pope, the locations and the itinerary traced for Pope Francis; We verified units, xTender and the servers of our clients to have everything ready for the start of the transmissions, the result was a success “Pinzón said. 

With LiveU the Pope was seen from all angles

One of the highlights of the papal visit was the journey to the Last Nunciature, to not lose any detail, the Peruvians were waiting along all the streets to greet the Pope, while thousands more enjoyed the event from their homes thanks to LiveU, the Mobile Pope was followed with LiveU xTender + LU600 HEVC Line, Live for TV Peru Users.

“We placed another 18 units to be able to offer multiple images from all angles, we placed them strategically on tall buildings, pedestrian and vehicular bridges, scaffolding platforms, we also adapted ladders as scaffolding; we look for the best views in height and also at ground level; for the best approach, we used a camera on the shoulder. We do not rest until we have all the angles covered” described Freddy Pinzón.

The huge operation of the visit to Peru was documented with numerous photographs and videos by live transmissions that demonstrate the technical complexity and responsiveness of the combination of LiveU with Divicam to meet the needs of customers before an unprecedented commitment, during which was supported on the site, delivering and testing the solution of the technological challenges of the moment.